The Second Hand
Sam Carlson

From the hills of Pennsylvania, Sam Carlson discovered his passion through traditional Gospel hymns. The years that followed ignited a journey of original Americana music, highlighted by a soulful, Gypsy- Folk vibe. His vintage sound, with distinct vocals, demands attention from the growing audiences that are lucky enough to catch his sets.


Sam is a singer and rhythm guitar player. He chooses to lean in to the percussive tones that a guitar pick and steel strings make to create a sound reminiscent of bluegrass. While he loves to listen to the bluegrass canon, he has not set out to impress you with complex licks and up-tempo virtuosity. Instead, he does his best to remind you of the river, of the peril and the peacefulness, of water that flows downstream and finds its way to the sea. He grew up in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania singing in a Lutheran church. Singing along to the sounds of a pipe organ filling that sanctuary with families from his community left a lasting impression.

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