Tedo Stone
Covington, GA

Tedo Stone is an indie rock group based out of Covington/Atlanta/Athens, GA. Tedo Stone's 5th studio album "Back 9 of Life" is out 10/20 via Super Canoe and is available for vinyl pre-order here on from Echo Base.

Hailing from the vibrant musical scene of Atlanta, Georgia, Tedo Stone is a rising indie-rock sensation known for their infectious melodies and genre-blurring sound. Seamlessly blending elements of folk, rock, and pop, Tedo Stone crafts music that's both emotionally resonant and irresistibly catchy. With comparisons to luminaries like T. Rex and Kurt Vile, Tedo Stone has carved out a niche that's uniquely their own. Their music strikes a balance between introspective lyricism and foot-stomping grooves, making them a must-listen for anyone seeking fresh, dynamic indie music.
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