Michael Myerz
Atlanta, GA

Michael Myerz is an experimental Hip-Hop artist from Atlanta, GA. He has released over 30 albums. His 32nd album TV Dinner comes out October 6th.

Michael Myerz started in 2011 and has since released over 30 albums. Although categorized as a rapper he transcends this label by blending genres of punk, metal, electronica, noise, pop and even country. Further comparisons include rappers such as Aesop Rock, The Beastie Boys, and Kool Keith. Much of his inspiration draws influence from 90s music, whether that be traditional hip hop or underground acts such as Soul Coughing. He prides himself on being able to rap about anything and make songs about everything. Myerz has opened for acts such as Nerdcore Rapper MC Chris, Ouija Macc, Clownvis Presley, metal acts such as Captured! By Robots, and various other acts like Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen. He has been featured on Adult Swim’s Live Stream William Street Swap Shop and has worked with John Dilworth, the creative mind behind Cartoon Networks’ “Courage The Cowardly Dog”. Michael Myerz is more than your average neighborhood rapper; he is a legacy in the making.
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