Improvement Movement
Atlanta, GA

The Atlanta based folk-rock quartet is releasing their sophomore album "Slump" on vinyl, in partnership with Public Access Group. Pre-order yours now!

Improvement Movement at its core is a psychedelic-folk quartet based in Atlanta, Georgia. The larger organization exists as an outlet for song sharing amongst the band's friends and community. The band was formed in 2016 by Tony Aparo, Tim Friesen, and Zach Pyles when the trio was invited to a remote cabin by Marshall Ruffin to do some experimental writing and recording. What came of that week in isolation would lead to multiple line-ups and variations of the group over the next 4 years with a handful of independent releases and several 7” collaborations with Chunklet Industries. In the Summer of 2020, the band was back down to a trio with Tony, Zach, and Marshall wondering what the future held as the world entered into lock-down. They enlisted Clark Hamilton (Klark Sound) to play guitar in 2021 and made the decision to release their debut LP "Don't Delay, Join Today" via Acrophase Records in 2022.
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