Athens, GA

6-piece Athens juggernauts are releasing their masterful third album Super Bowl LXIX on vinyl!

Athens, GA’s Heffner works with a speed and urgency of a young band but with a sense of lyrical wisdom and musical breadth of a much more seasoned group. With all the forcefulness and immediacy of 21st century power pop, classically aggressive post punk, and even sections of ’70s glam. Their 2021 debut self-titled record saw them through new opportunities with the likes of Futurebirds, Coin and Modern Skirts. Their 2022 sophomore album, Perfect Heaven, catapulted them into regional success and turned them into Athens’ new hometown heroes. With the recent release of their latest singles “Truck”, “30 Minute Tweezer” & “You Got It” it’s apparent that whatever comes next will be their best writing yet, and as a live act they have blossomed into a must see group keeping the spirit of southern rock n roll alive and well. Their newest full length, Super Bowl LXIX, arrived in October 2023. Echo Base is proud to press and release Heffner’s Super Bowl LXIX on vinyl.
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