El Michels Affair
Brooklyn, NY

When Leon Michels name first appeared on a record, he was 16. The record was essentially an homage to The Meters, at the time it was near pitch-perfect for the budding retro-soul scene. While that release was an early step for Michels, aspects of it have almost become trademarks of his work: a unique raw-yet-disciplined approach to his sound and songwriting, and a soulful genuineness that has a sense of humor one minute and a sense of solace the next.

El Michels Affair, a visionary musical collective, ingeniously fuses soul, funk, and instrumental prowess. With a genre-defying sound, they transcend conventions, delivering compositions that resonate deeply. Rooted in soulful expression, their music is a testament to boundless creativity and artistic innovation. By seamlessly blending genres, El Michels Affair crafts a captivating auditory experience that defies expectations. With each note, they redefine sonic possibilities, leaving an indelible mark on the music landscape. Through their instrumental mastery and soulful essence, El Michels Affair continues to inspire and captivate listeners, forging a unique path in the world of modern music.