Remember That I Love You
Kimya Dawson

Kimya Dawson's album 'Remember That I Love You' evokes raw emotion through intimate lyrics and acoustic melodies, capturing the essence of vulnerable introspection and heartfelt connection.


Immerse yourself in Kimya Dawson's soul-baring album 'Remember That I Love You,' now reissued on Bandcamp. With poignant acoustic melodies and candid lyrics, Dawson's music becomes a sanctuary for raw emotions and honest reflections. Released in 2006 and reissued on Bandcamp through their vinyl campaign program, the album's tender tunes and introspective verses forge a deep connection with listeners, inviting them into a world of vulnerability and genuine expression. Through each track, Dawson's unique storytelling weaves tales of life's ups and downs, embracing imperfections and celebrating the beauty of human connection. 'Remember That I Love You' is not just an album, but a comforting companion that resonates with the heart's innermost strings.